Rights of Passage

Many of our Black young boys have their innocence stolen from them by witnessing violence regularly in the home and community or by having to grow hard in order to survive. Their lives are vulnerable and often forfeited to negative social dynamics, external circumstances, and inner emotional turmoil. If only they had a chance at life, what would these Black boys become: scientists, engineers, athletes, mechanics, carpenters? But many of our Black youth have little or no hope of a satisfying or fulfilling life.

We need a strategy to instill pride and hope in these young boys to enable them to be the men that they were created to be. We have a strategy to help dismantle this chaotic life style and hopeless existence through a Rites of Passage Mentoring Program for Black boys from 12 through 19 years of age. The Rites of Passage Mentoring Programís goal is to teach these young men what it means to be men spiritually, culturally, and physically.

The after school program protects our youth from the violence in the community, feeds them and offers all youth tutors to help them in mathematics, science, and English. 

Pastor Carey