Pastor Herbert J. Carey


Rev. Dr. Herbert J. Carey was Senior Pastor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Baptist Church in Renton, WA from January 20, 2002 to February 10, 2015. He also served as Senior Pastor at Roseland Church in Chicago, Il (1/2000 - 1/2002), First Congregational Church in Savannah, GA (4/96-4/98), and Saint Johns Church in Springfield, MA (1/94 - 4/96).

Pastor Carey has a Doctor of Ministry, Master of Divinity, Master of Business Administration, and Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration.

With passion, integrity, and conviction, he preaches and teaches the love, mercy, and grace of God revealed in the Bible. Within this context, God's people obtain understanding, knowledge, and hope, the church is revitalized, lives are changed and evangelism takes place. The two most significant models associated with his ministry are the Shepherd and the Servant Leader.

In September, 2005, he called a meeting of clergy from across denominational lines, community leaders, and others to strategize and unify our efforts to help the victims of hurricane Katrina. At a follow up meeting with a representative from the King County's office, Salvation Army, A. Philip Randolph Institute, educators, school officials, concerned citizens, and clergy, and organization called "Katrina Clergy and Community Coalition (KCCC)" was formed. The churches were charged to "adopt" a family.  This means being with them every step of the way in the healing, restoring, and relocating process. It includes housing, clothes, food, and helping them find jobs. If they had not registered with FEMA, Red Cross, and other Federal and state agencies, we assisted them in this process. KCCC pooled its resources in the endeavor.

Dr. Carey is a strong advocate for the least, lost, left out, and forgotten among us. And because of his involvement in spearheading and supporting outreach ministries that help the least among us, The Committee to Reelect President Barack Obama in 2012 chose our church as a place to launch its grassroots campaign in the State of Washington. Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts was the keynote speaker.

Rev. Dr. Herbert J. Carey is married to the former Diane Carol Harrison. They are the proud parents of four children.